Perry Mason Movie Collection: Double Feature 10

perry mason movie collection double feature volume 10

Throughout the history of television fans have loved good quality courtroom dramas. One has been a fan favourite for several decades and it involves the character of defense attourney Perry Mason. Based on the characters created in the mystery novels by Erle Stanley Gardner the transition to television was a…

Azaelia Banks – Broke With Expensive Taste

azelia banks broke with expensive taste

Despite the fact that she has only had a short career so far with one mixtape released and one song (“212”) that most would recognize American rapper Azealia Banks has garnered plenty of press and interest. Most of that is due to her fight with her former label Universal Music…

Montreal Canadiens vs. Anaheim Ducks @ Bell Centre – December 18, 2014

Brendan Gallagher Ryan Getzlaf

It was another emotional night and pre game ceremony at a Montreal Canadiens’ home game last night, but unfortunately this time it did not result in a win.  The team could not ride the wave of emotion to victory.  It was a happier occasion this time compared to the recent…

Barbie and the Secret Door – Blu-ray Edition

barbie and the secret door

I am wondering when a new and original idea will come out of the animation world for films aimed at young girls. It is rare that an animated film geared at young girls involves something other than princesses, mermaids or fairies and this film hits all three. Watching this really…

Top 10 Female Stand-Up Comedians Working Today

top 10 female comedians3

Stand-up comedy is a man’s world. Very few women are able to break in and gain a toehold in that arena. When they do it is against the thought that women are not as funny as men. Poppycock, I say! Throughout the history of stand-up comedy there have been women…