The Night Before – Blu-ray Edition


What could be better at the beginning of the summer season than watching a Christmas movie? Especially a comedic one starring Seth Rogan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie. Along with cameos by Mindy Kaling, James Franco, Ilana Glazer, Tracy Morgan, and Miley Cyrus. This is certainly not your typical Christmas…

Fete Nationale du Quebec – Montreal 2017


Fete Nationale or St. Jean Baptiste is a time where people of this province can get together and celebrate the culture, history and languages of this unique province. We celebrate through music, For the past four years the headquarters of the Fete Nationale celebrations in this city has been the…

Tom Lee-Richards – “Beside You”


Quote: “‘Beside You’ is about how we choose to communicate with the people in our lives romantically or otherwise – how connections can evolve.” To reflect this the Music Video Director Lachlan Dickie explores connection in odd circumstances. He created a dystopian future world. Inspired by films like ‘LA GUERRE…

Straw Dogs – Blu-ray Edition

straw dogs

Definitely a love it or hate it type film.  Very violent.  Very slow.  Very dark.  Very negative.  Very realistic.  Some people will feel that director Sam Peckinpah (The Wild Bunch, Convoy) goes too far too many times in the film.  He does and it is to get a reaction and…

Transformers: Dark of the Moon – Steelbook Blu-ray Edition

transormers dark of the moon

While sitting in my living room watching this travesty I thought to myself that maybe Meaghan Fox was not as crazy as I previously thought her to be.  She was obviously wise enough to get out of this monstrosity.  Michael Bay’s (Armageddon, Pearl Harbor) third Transformers film is the weakest…