Masse Mystique @ Rendez-vous du Cinema Quebecois

masse mystic4

The Lebanese-Quebec co-production takes a close-up and thorough look at the last 24 hours of the ten day Achoura Ceremony that takes place each year in Nabatiyyeh, Lebanon.  Many of us might have seen some photos or quick new stories about the festival because the images make an impression upon…

Gett: The Trial of Viviane Ansalem

gett the trial of viviane ansalem

In Israel there is no such thing as a civil marriage so it follows that there is no such thing as a civil divorce.  A rabbinical court or rabbis are the only ones who can do either. The word gett in the title of the film is the Hebrew word…

Mrs. Doubtfire – Blu-ray Edition

mrs doubtfire blu ray

Who knew that a film with the hairiest human known to man (Robin Williams) dressed up in drag as an elderly British nanny would be a runaway hit in 1993? Go figure! In the process of divorcing from his wife (Sally Field – from television’s Brothers and Sisters), Daniel Hillard…

George Ezra – Wanted on Voyage

george ezra

If you were a resident of the UK or listen to UK radio then you would not have gone “Who?” like you did when you read the artist’s name on top of this review. George Ezra is the 21-year-old Bristol born musician who exploded onto the scene last year with…

We Are Not Alone @ Segal Centre – February 25, 2015

we are not alone2

“We Are Not Alone“ is a brilliant play written and performed by Damien Atkins. It investigates the possibility of the existence of other life in the universe in an imaginative, informative, comical and sometimes scary manner.   The effective set consists of one stool, one microphone and stand, one large…