Gravity: Diamond Luxe Edition – Blu-ray Edition

gravity blu ray

It’s rare that you hear hype surrounding a film before you go see it and it lives up to all your built up expectations. Gravity and more specifically its visuals and Sandra Bullock’s performance have been raved about with plenty of Oscar buzz. All is warranted! The tone is perfect,…

Wild – Blu-ray

wild blu ray

You have never seen Reese Witherspoon like this.  It is always at this time of year that you hear that sentence.  With a different person it is uttered about, but Oscar season always seems to bring about a performance from an actor that is something you’ve never seen them attempt…

Art War @ FIFA

art war

Egypt is thought of as the birthplace of civilization.  It is also a country that houses a battle of cultures.  In 2011 a new revolution began, was dubbed the Arab Spring and it inspired the world.  In two short (or long depending on your perspective) years it fell apart.  Many…

Face à Face des Célébrités on Bell Centre Ice

face a face des celbrites

Presented by radio station CKOI FM, Face à Face des Célébrité is a friendly hockey game that sees two teams comprised of local celebrities compete for bragging rights.  All proceeds raised from the game go towards the Montreal Canadien’s Children’s Foundation.  So you get the fun of a hockey game…

Twin Shadow – Eclipse

eclipse twin shadow

It won’t take very long into your first listen of Twin Shadow’s (or George Lewis Jr.) third album for you to get up and start dancing around. It is that poppy and fun. From start to finish it is filled with catchy little ditties. They are tailor made for the…