Branching Out: Kid Koala’s Nufonia Must Fall Live

kid koala must fall2

Montrealer Kid Koala has built a successful career upon his DJing and music producing skills.  Now he is changing things up a little.  He produced a graphic novel called Nufonia Must Fall and has turned it into a multi-disciplinary production that he is taking on the road.  It was creating…

The Infiltrator

the infiltrator

In the Ronald Regan led United States of 1985 there was a huge influx of Columbian cocaine being brought into the country.  DEA and other government agencies spent considerable resources trying to catch these guys and more importantly the big cheeses like Pablo Escobar.  It is an era that seems…

De La Soul – and the Anonymous Nobody

de la soul and the anonymous nobody

Thirty years into their career the members, Dave, Maseo and Posdnuos, of rap group De La Soul are still expanding the possibilities of the musical genres. During the Eighties they burst onto the scene with a sound that so unique it really gained them plenty of admiration and fans. Now…

Kiss Rocks Vegas Nevada – Blu-ray Edition

kiss rocks vegas nevada

The pairing of costumed metal band Kiss and Las Vegas seems like it is a match made in heaven. Each revels in its over the topness. Recording in 2014 this live show proves that assumption to be correct.   Many a music star has taken up residency in Las Vegas…

Florence Foster Jenkins

florence foster jenkins

At this point in her career as a critic I can safely say that if Meryl Streep is in a film go see it!  Basically the woman can do no wrong.  Yes, it does depend somewhat on the calibre of the material she is given to work with and the…