Mainline Theatre Presents No One Like Hugh

no one like hugh preview2

At the castle Archontakis there is about to be wedding.  Lord Hugh is to be wed to Princess Lavender.  Things are going as one would expect until Hugh’s identical twin brother, whose name is also Hugh, causes some problems. Identical twin Hugh has decided to overthrow his brother and in…

Damien Rice – My Favourite Faded Fantasy

damien rice my favourite faded fantasy

Apparently after his marvelous albums O and 9 Damien Rice was quite disillusioned about music or more precisely, the whole industry the surrounds it. That was coupled with a breakup with long time girlfriend and musical partner, Lisa Hannigan, and some serious writer’s block. As a result he stepped back…

World Series Champions 2014

world series champions 2014

After winning their third World Series title in five years, the San Francisco Giants are as close to what we can call a dynasty in presentday Major League Baseball. Relive at your own pace the experience of them winning the World Series against the Kansas City Royals. All the great…

Penguins of Madagascar 3D

penguins of madagascar2

Often when smaller characters which are hysterical in their supporting roles are expanded to the focal point(s) they fall flat.  Some characters are destined to be good only in small doses.  I went into Penguins of Madagascar with that in mind and some trepidation.  Hoping that my opinion of those…

RIDM 2014 Wrap-Up

ridm 2014 wrap up

The RIDM, Montreal International Documentary Film Festival, ended over the weekend and after screening 145 films alongside some parallel running special events you have to say that it was an overwhelming success.  This was the 17th edition and at Concordia’s Hall Theatre Sunday night they handed out all the awards. …