Foals – What Went Down

foals what went down

Loads of bands are criticized for having their sound evolved whereas UK band Foals is applauded for it. Throughout their time together they have worked on, refined, experimented with, expanded and fine tuned the music they make. The result (and it continues to be) is a rich, layered and complex…

Hannibal – Blu-ray Edition

hannibal blu ray

With Manhunter we had to deal with someone else playing the role of Dr. Lecter.  At least that movie came before The Silence of the Lambs, so the debate happened years after.  This time we have to deal with Agent Staring being recast and Julianne Moore (The Hours, Magnolia) taking…

And Then There Were Four – One Direction Live

one direction live 20152

For the few of you out there who don’t know anything about the band from the UK, they started by winning third place on X Factor UK and then moved on to record a couple of albums that were released on that side of the pond.Their songs “What Makes You…

The Man Who Wasn’t There – Blu-ray Edition

the man who wasnt there

Screened for the first time at Cannes, the “film noir” received an award for direction for the Coen brothers. Shot in black and white, it tells the story of Ed Crane (Billy Bob Thornton), a taciturn barber who discovers that his wife (Frances McDormand) is cheating on him with his…

Stand Up for Animals: HSI Canada Proudly Presents Comedy for a Cause

comedy for a cause hsi canada

It has been said by people wiser than me that we are only strong as a species as we treat the weakest on this planet.  Human beings do not have a great track record when it comes to our treatment of animals.  Instead of regarding them as creatures with needs,…