Passengers – Blu-ray Edition


A cool mixture of science fiction, action, romance, suspense, and drama. Propped up by two winning performances and slick dialogue, Morten Tyldum’s (The Imitation Game, Headhunters) film is highly watchable. Over 5,000 passengers are aboard the spaceship Avalon heading to a new life on a new planet. The voyage is…

Spend an Evening Surrounded by the Music of Tycho


American ambient music project headed by Scott Hansen, who acts as the primary songwriter, producer and composer. The result is downtempo and ambient. The songs are all constructed in a very organic way using plenty of samples of humans talking or even just breathing. The sound has been compared to…

Kid Astray Tease at Upcoming EP with Release of Fall To My Knees Single and Video


New Single ‘Fall To My Knees’  Out Now Via Sony Music Having known each other since they were at school, Kid Astray have always let their personal chemistry run through their musical direction. With influences ranging from MGMT to Passion Pit, the band’s intentions of creating hugely enjoyable pop music…

Honey 3: Dare to Dance – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

honey 3 dare to dance

Even fans of singer Cassie Ventura will have to admit that this film is a bit of mess. What is it about dance films that they think they can get away with poor scripts and awful acting? Oh wait, isn’t it the same story with action films? Hmmm…. Wanting to…

French Singer Living in Seattle – Zaz

zaz live 2017

Being one of the most successful French singers working today is what female singer Zaz is. That despite the fact that she no longer lives in her native country but has relocated to Seattle. The distance from France does not mean she has taken to recording in English. This has…