House of Cards: Volume Three – Chapters 27-39 – Blu-ray Edition

house of cards volume three

A man with a plan, President Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey) now that he has gotten to the position he has always wanted is darn straight going to make sure that he remains there. His wife Claire (played by Robin Wright) has set her sights on beings something more than…

The Most Montreal Festival of the Year Happens This Weekend – Poutinefest

poutinefest preview2

As summertime in Montreal is pretty much back to back festivals it is not surprising that we are now hosting a fairly new one in Poutinefest. Quebec/Montreal is famous for our poutines and so it makes complete sense that Poutinefest has come to be. Co-hosted by the French language newspaper…

Adam Lambert – The Original High

adam lambert the original high

In 2014 American Idol alum Adam Lambert toured around with British rock band Queen as their lead singer. As you can imagine someone who is thought to be a suitable fill-in for Freddie Mercury is well capable of dramatics and larger-than-life music. On his third solo album Adam Lambert continues…

A John Williams Celebration – Blu-ray Edition

a john williams celebration

This man is from a time when television and movie theme songs actually meant something. They were important in regards to the overall theme of the film/movie and contributed to them. Recognizable and well-constructed. And John Williams was one of the best composers of film and television theme songs. This…

Comic-Con Montreal – Not Just For Geeks

comic con montreal 20152

Fantasia Film Festival started off being thought of as a festival for fans of animé or horror films. A narrow view by some who don’t know what it is all about. The same type of misconception envelopes Comic-Con. Most think that it is a festival for the geeky fans of…