Junior @ RIDM


Hockey is an obsession in Quebec. Almost everyone in the province is a fan or player of the sport. As such every young boy in the province dreams of becoming a professional hockey player. In order to reach the dream of one day being drafted into the NHL many play…

After Love


There is something about French films. They just make great films. Of all sorts. Comedy, drama, action, and sci fi. Does not make a difference which genre; they just do it well. Even smaller films that focus on everyday type stories are within their wheelhouse. Such is the case with…

Good Time – Blu-ray Edition

good time

Not your typical bank robbery film. That should come as expected as it is a Safdie Brothers film. Benny and Josh (Daddy Longlegs, Heaven Knows What) have built a reputation for making odd films. The way they construct their films and shoot them is hypnotizing. You are totally drawn in…

Swedish Singer Elliot releases new single ‘Trade Burgers 4 Love’

elliot trade burgers 4 love

“Trade Burgers 4 Love” is just a taste of Elliot’s lo-fi musical smorgasbord. Heavily influenced by musicians of the LA experimental pop scene (Ariel Pink, John Maus), his songs hang on you like fast-food binges while scrolling through an abyss of late night memes. Elliot says, “If I would attach…

Mohawk Girls @ RIDM

mohawk girls2

Over the 62 minutes of this 2005 film by director Tracey Deer, we get an up close and personal view of the lives of three teenage girls. They are a section of the Montreal/Quebec population we don’t often see onscreen. They three girls are from Kahnawake and are all Mohawk….