Everybody Hates Chris: The Complete Series


Chris Rock is one of the most esteemed stand-up comedians working today and has tried his hand at the acting thing with turns in films like Grown Ups 2 and Lethal Weapon 4. He has been more successful as a voice actor in animated films like Madagascar. Everybody Hates Chris…

The Snowman


As the film was released this past Friday, word oozed out that it was in contention for the title of the worst film of 2017. Rather shocking as it is loaded with talent in the form of its cast – Michael Fassbender, JK Simmons, Chloe Sevigny, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Toby Jones,…

Chronically Metropolitan – Blu-ray Edition


This is a New York City film. Seemingly slicker, cooler, aloofer, and really witty, Xavier Manrique’s (first film) Chronically Metropolitan tries to replicate in 90 minutes all that being a New Yorker is about. It somewhat works though the film tends to be a little ponderous and slow for many…

Oedipus Part One: Assembly @ Centaur Theatre – October 20, 2017

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As audience members take their seats, the cast, a who’s who of Montreal talent, mill about chatting and looking over scripts. With the cast seated at the table the play begins in the harsh fluorescent work lights of the theatre. Soon after, the 50 person chorus made up of Choeur…

5th Annual Au Contraire Film Festival

au contraire film festival preview 2017

The 5th Annual Au Contraire Film Festival (ACFF) launches on 24th October. As always, the festival will showcase edgy and thought-provoking feature and short films and documentaries from around the world, all followed by emotive, hard-hitting panel discussions on key topics on mental illness. Through the lens of film, ACFF…