The Grateful Dead – The Best of the Grateful Dead

the grateful dead the best of

If you are a fan then it is a no brainer to recommend this two-CD set to you. It is a must have in your Grateful Dead library. Despite the fact that there have been a couple of previous “Best Ofs” from the Grateful Dead this one is as close…

NHL Playoffs: Round #1 – Game #6 – Montreal Canadiens vs. Ottawa Senators @ Canadian Tire Centre – April 26, 2015

montreal canadiens vs ottawa senators

Some will look back on this series and say that the Montreal Canadiens were lucky to get out of it victorious. They will back that up by saying that the Habs had trouble scoring throughout the series and that they are only moving on because of their goaltender. Further, they…

The Man With the Iron Fists 2 – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

the man with the iron fists 2

Attempting to follow along the path forged by the likes of Quentin Tarantino, RZA (member of Wu-Tang Clan) pays homage to old school kung fu films with the second installment of The Man With the Iron Fists. Surprisingly the first one worked and entertained with its great fight sequences. RZA…

About a Boy: Season One

about a boy season 1

Because the book by Nick Hornby was so good and then the subsequent film with Toni Collette and Hugh Grant was enjoyable I was not expecting a trifecta of enjoyment. I was wrong. The television version on NBC of About a Boy is different and yet worthwhile. This time Minnie…

Altsys Jazz Orchestra to Play a Show at Segal Centre

altsys jazz orchestra

An all-star jazz band has been created by veteran musicians, Jennifer Bell and Bill Mahar. They plus ten other very accomplished musicians have banded together to bring to us their elevated level of talent. The Montreal jazz scenes is all the better for it. Jennifer Bell is a saxophonist and…