Jeff Dunham: Unhinged in Hollywood – Blu-ray Edition

jeff dunham unhinged in hollywood

Comedian Jeff Dunham, accompanied by his puppets Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Little Jeff, Bubba J, Walter and Peanut, has worked all over the world playing many a gig for a wide variety of audiences. He is back with a new show and this time he is performing in the weirdest…

RIDM 2015 Wrap-Up

ridm 2015 wrap up2

The 18th annual Montreal International Documentary Film Festival (RIDM) wrapped up this past Sunday and it was another success in every respect.  Over the course of its run 143 films were screened plus there were plenty of events and special features running to round out the experience. At the closing…

Grimes – Art Angels

grimes art angels

Her debut album Visions came out in 2012 and youngster Grimes became a beloved member of the indie music scene. She was just cooler than your average pop star while hinting at the fact that she could be one if she so desired. Now she is back with Art Angel…

10 Days of LGBT Cinema: Image + Nation 28

image et nation 28 preview

It is the 28th edition of Image + Nation 28, the longest running LGBT film festival in Canada, and as usual there is a cornucopia of film screenings and special events to attend.  Image + Nation 28 will bring you the best LGBT films from all four corners of the…

The Knick: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray Edition

the knick the complete first season

The year is 1900 and the setting New York City. Oscar winner Stephen Soderbergh is the man behind the lens in this HBO television series about the people working at the Knickerbocker hospital in the Big Apple. Yes, it is another hospital drama but the fact that it is also…