In Time – Blu-ray Edition

in time blu ray edition

Some films go into things with lofty aspirations.  They don’t just want to make a romantic comedy or a summer action flick.  Very few actually pull it off, though.  And while this is by no means a perfect film it kept me entertained all the way through. Director Andrew Niccol…

Soon to Begin at the Segal Centre – Bad Jews

bad jews preview

After having won acclaim after it played in the United States, South Africa, London, and Israel the play Bad Jews by Joshua Harmon is set to debut at the Segal Centre.  The run will go from May 1 until 22nd.   Director Lisa Rubin will take charge of this production…

Lukas Graham – Lukas Graham

lukas graham lukas graham

Once an artist is successful with a particular brand of music then inevitably similar sounding stuff comes out afterwards. Now, I am not saying that Danish singer Lukas Graham is exactly like Bruno Mars but there are enough similarities that it is noticeable. His debut release has got that neo…

What’s Your Number: Ex-Tended Edition – Blu-ray Edition

whats your number extended edition

While I am an unabashed fan of romantic comedies I do have my standards.  This one ranks beneath the median line of enjoyment for me. Too bad because it wasn’t in 3D, so it had that going for it.  Ok, in all seriousness the film does have the whole Anna…

Rejected by American Idol Tori Kelly is Now a Big Star

tori kelly live 2016

At the age of 14 Tori Kelly began to garner some notice for the music videos she was posting on YouTube.  At the age of 16 she auditioned for American Idol.  She did not make it far on the show, but did not let that discourage her.   Tori began…