The Princess and the Frog – Blu-ray Edition

the princess and the frog

I’ve come to realize that I am an old school kind of gal. Anytime I watch one of those so-called new era of animated films (all CGI effects) it chills me to the bone. There is nothing warm or human about what is created. Yes, it looks technically great, but…

Strike a Pose @ FIFA


I am old enough to have lived through the era of Madonna’s Truth or Dare film, “Vogue” video and Blond Ambition tour. Actually, I went to the Montreal stop on that tour. Those three moments in pop culture were very marking.  Very important moments for the gay community around the…

Buster Keaton: Un Genie Brise par Hollywood @ FIFA


Despite the fact that I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable film watcher I have to admit I knew precious little about silent film star, Buster Keaton, before watching this documentary by French director Jean-Baptiste Peretie. This was an eye opening education for me. That is what is great about a…

Future – Future


His fifth album shows the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-ness of rapper Future. For most of his career he has split time between tapping into his dark side and then next time out being all radio friendly. With this self-titled album he is most certainly showing his dark and experimental…

Flight of the Feathered Serpent by Dana Alexander


Get ready for the new installment in Dana Alexander’s riveting fantasy-romance series, The Three Keys, which readers are calling ‘Lara Croft meets Lord of the Rings.’ The Three Keys weaves the beauty and magic of fantasy into real-life situations, enrapturing readers into a world where ancient mythology, epic adventure, and…