Adams Rocks the Bell Center

Bryan Adams took the stage at 9pm following a stunning performance by Remy Shand, Winnipeg's latest big hype artist . Adams opened with a song off his new album, the soundtrack for a film called Spirit: L' Etalon des Plaines, before getting into some old favorites. Summer Of 69 brought the fans into gear and by the 5th song, It Cuts Like a Knife, many of the 12,000 fans plus had quickly gathered in front of the stage. The excitement continued as Adams pulled an unsuspecting fan o­n stage to sing When You're Gone. "The best songs followed quickly", stated Adams, as he strummed a few chords o­n his acoustic guitar, before beginning his classic hit Everything I Do, I Do It for You. At this point the Bell Center was dimly lit by the flickering glimmer of lighters. The highlight of the performance was when Bryan switched locations after a brief break. Adams and the band reappeared o­n a smaller stage located towards the back of the arena. . Enthusiastic fans were pulled o­n to the stage by Adams and lead guitarist, Keith Scott. Finally, Adams closed the show with an unrecorded single called The Way You Make Me Feel. The fans responded with continuous appreciation and applause throughout the 2-hour show.

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