By now I'm sure you have heard the hit single "Because I got high". This band's lyrical and sound content is a combination of Cheech and Chong with a mix of New York City rap. Afroman's founder Joseph Foreman has found success with this twelve-song album. Good Times is the group's second CD and features a variety of drug related songs. There is also a song about getting drunk called "Let's all get drunk". Along with several catchy and humorous tunes about getting high and casual sex, there is also a second version of "Because I Got High" called "The American Dream", which is done exactly in the same format but with different o­ne-liners. This CD has sold over 2 million copies so far in the United States alone. The hit single was featured o­n the "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" soundtrack, and talk show host Howard Stern has also given honorable mention to the band.

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