After Show Guinness

Irish poet / singer-songwriter Andy White followed Bob Robb and his raspy, comedic blues set, to dish out the punch of rock with the craft of folk. Everyone fell in love with Andy from the first line he sang: "In Montréal where Europe meets America…" Starting with "Speechless", Andy took his international crowd into a 12-string reverie. Reading from his book, "The Music of What Happens", between songs, everyone was mesmerized by the talents and insights of this worldly artist. Andy has been inspired by the many places he has played throughout the world, and traces his artistic evolution through the places he has lived (from Belfast to Dublin to Switzerland, his now home-base). He loves how "every apartment here has a front door," with staircases and balconies that you don't see anywhere else. Andy adores Montréal and it's coffee, which boasts the taste of European brews in 'American-sized' mugs!

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