Alicia Nugent

Woo-wee-talk about some down-home roots.  This girl is so country it hurts…but in a good way.  Nugent takes the listener far, far away from current country songs.  Instead of the hybrid pop-rock meshed with ballad there is o­nly the melancholy drawl of pure country.  Nugent creates integrity with her back to the old-style bluegrass.  She certainly is enthusiastic, while maybe a little rough around the edges.  Fortunately Rebecca Lynn Howard, Rhonda Vincent, Ron McCoury, and Ben and Sonya Isaacs support her-and that is just for starters.  "For Love's Sake" is a wonderful duet with Carl Jackson.  "Pen and Paper" is a brilliant example of the poignant picture painted by true country style while "Jealous Heart" or "Blade it o­n the Train" are songs that tell wonderful, if sad, stories.  Nugent is talented enough to easily make her way to the forefront of the music industry.  She is gifted and conscious of past greats; this combination alone puts her in line with destiny for female vocalist and album of the year awards.

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