Alison Krauss & Union

Alison Krauss is o­ne of the few country music purists to have received the acceptance of Nashville during the "New Country age." Up against acts like Faith Hill and Brooks & Dunn, Krauss has managed to develop a solid fan base. Krauss and her band, Union Station, perform bluegrass. It's far less heart wrenching than traditional bluegrass, and Krauss' vocals can at times come across so very sweet and cloying. The tunes themselves are extremely well crafted. Both Krauss and Union Station member Dan Tyminski appeared o­n the O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack; the surprise hit album of the spring. o­ne may wonder if New Favorite is out to capitalize o­n this success, but with catchy, yet soothing, numbers like Momma Cried (sung by Tyminski) and the title track, it quickly becomes obvious that the disc can indeed live up to its name.


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