All Out War

All Out War's "Condemned To Suffer" combines New York hardcore and metal to create bone crushing songs, reminiscent of Slayer's brutality. This band prides itself o­n being tough as nails, in both sound and image. Mike Score (lead vocals/backing vocals), Jose Segarca (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) and Taras Apuzzo (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) join forces to produce seamless yells, so aggressive, they appear to be ripping out the listeners' innards. Andy Pietrolungo (bass/vocals) and Jesse Sutherland (drums/backing vocals) also contribute to the ferocity of the music, which is nothing short of earth shattering. The unmistakable hostility towards the unjust nature of the world, is the common thread of these songs. The lyrical content  touch o­n societal and political concerns, such as: suffering, betrayal and murder. Standout songs are "Condemned to Suffer," " Two Thousand Years," "Pray For Salvation" and "Vengeance For The Angels." The visual aspect of the album's liner notes compliment All Out War's songs perfectly; shades or red, and black flow over each page of the booklet, giving the illusion of a fiery hell. There are also dark illustrations of war: dozens of nameless figures wearing gas masks set amongst flames and a faceless Pope holds a sign foretelling that the end has come. The band even show their morbid selves in coffins. Clearly, this album isn't for the weak.

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