Alpha Blondy in Montreal @ The Metropolis

Alpha Blondy packed the house in Montréal last night and filled it with some of his native Ivory Coast heat. It was an honor to experience Alpha playing with the complete members of The Solar System, a rare occurrence.

Opening the night was none other than our local Kaliroots giving us their experience. Alain Pedie and his ten musicians rocked the place with their international reggae style. Check out their new CD in stores now, it's called Rien A Perdre.

With the crowd all warmed up and ready to go, The Solar System got us started with a musical intro. The crowd went wild when Alpha Blondy finally shared his mellow voice, singing out a song of prayer in Hebrew. From o­ne song into the next the energy was constantly flowing.

Blondy gave the crowd a fine mix of the old tunes we love him for as well as his newer upbeat songs. Everything that man sings carries a deeper message that can be easily accessed by all who listen. He is the world's ambassador of unity, focusing o­n issues in Africa and all other nations. His message of peace rang clear. Alpha advices us to put out the fire of war the o­nly way possible, with love. The sentiment was well felt by everyone during his song Le Feu when the majority of the audience lit the Metropolis up with their lighters.

David Dodo Balinti from Israel graced the stage with some obscure international sounds. He accompanied the band for the song Massada o­n a Ginebraie, a stringed instrument from Morocco. Later, he did a solo o­n his Darbouka, a Middle Eastern drum that had the listeners mesmerized.

Alpha Blondy is revered almost as a deity here in Montreal. While singing Politiki he reached down to a crowd that wanted o­nly to touch him. In effect, Alpha touched the hearts and souls of everyone in the Metropolis. We are eternally grateful for his presence; we o­nly hope we won't have to wait another ten years for the honor again. We urge Les Productions Nuits D'Afrique to bring Alpha Blondy & The solar System back to Montreal again soon.

1. Intro
2. Psaume 23
3. Jerusalem
4. New Dawn
5. Hypocrite
6. Jah Glory
7. Massada
8. Who Are You
9. Black Samourai
10. Cocody Rock
11. Politiki
12. Souroukou Logo
13. Sweet Fanta
14. Assini Mafia
15. God Bless Africa
16. Le Feu
17. Politruc
18. Peace In Liberia
19. Les Imbeciles

20. Quitte Dans Ca
21. Wari
22. R.D.V.
23. Medley
Sebe Aleye
Come Back Jesus
Travailler C'est Trop Dure
24. Brigadier

Mao Otayeck…guitar and band leader
Miwy Sene…guitar
Loran Romain "boogy"…keyboards
Ras Tee…keyboards
Charly Lobe…drums
Didier Boko…bass
Abou Watt…percussion
Eddy Delomeni…saxophone
Vincent La Chatte…trombone
Guillaume Dutrieux…trumpet
Sophie Parrot…vocals
Bessy Gordon…vocals

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