Annie Lennox / Bare

At first sight, the cover of Annie Lennox's latest CD "Bare" appears to be very morbid. The talented vocalist does offer up an explanation for the use of such an image, explaining that this picture brings her back to the days when she was part of the Eurythmics. She refers to the picture as being timeless, gender free and basically what the title suggests…"bare" but not totally exposed. "This album contains songs that are deeply personal and emotional," says Lennox. "I have exposed myself through the work to reveal aspects of an inner world which are fragile, broken through experience but not entirely smashed." Her statement holds true on numerous songs such as the enchanting "A Thousand Beautiful Things," the sad "Pavement Cracks," the emotional "Honestly." Other notable tracks "Wonderful," "Loneliness," "Twisted." Also included is a second CD which features some extra songs and an interview. Check it out.

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