Anything Else / Special DVD Edition

After a slew of stinkers over the past few years (including The Curse of the Jade Scorpion and Hollywood Ending), Woody Allen finally makes a successful comeback with his latest film. The o­nly problem: the Woodster has downgraded himself to a co-starring role. While watching the movie, you can't help but picture Allen as main character Jerry Falk, a neurotic, struggling writer; however the torch has been passed o­nto American Pie idol Jason Biggs. Christina Ricci shares the screen, looking all grown up as the writer's nutty, licentious lady friend Amanda. Mr. Allen plays Falk's gun-toting, writing partner Dobel who tries to teach his pal a thing or two about love. Anything Else just wouldn't be an Allen flick without a significant supporting cast. This time 'round, Hollywood's veteran  director assembled a group of thespians including Danny Devito as Falk's manager, Jimmy Fallon as Amanda's boyfriend Bob and Stockard Channing as the bug-eyed babe's mother. Anything Else is the most traditional, Woody-esque romantic comedy to make its way to video since 1995's Mighty Aphrodite. Annie Hall it ain't, fans of the filmmaker's overanxious o­nscreen persona will still manage to seek pleasure in the fact that the flick feels closer to an old school Allen picture than anything else out there.

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