Baaba Maal

This collection of eleven songs of hope and inspiration written for Africa's youth, calls o­n them to stand up and make a difference in their devastated land. Baaba Maal's lyrics urge his African countrymen and women to turn away from violence and look to the proud ways of their ancestors in order to unite and find peace. The album features Baaba Maal's extraordinary singing talents as he plays guitar alongside some forty-plus musicians who contribute to the effort. Instruments include: guitars, hoddu, kora, bass, percussion sabar, Brazilian percussion, timbales, congas, tama, balafon, calabash, and flute. There is also a female chorus and numerous male backing vocals, which lend a hand in creating some of the most beautiful harmonies these ears have ever heard. Even a gospel choir participates o­n 'Jamma Jenngii' and o­n 'Miyaabele', two of the more gripping tracks o­n the album. Maal's voice is soothing yet piercing in conveying the universal message of peace. Baaba Maal will touch your soul. If you're looking for something different and inspiring, this CD will surely make a welcome addition to any collection.

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