Barenaked Ladies

These eccentric middle aged Canadian men have been in the music business for many years entertaining the masses. In fact they really made a splash in the U.S. during the past couple of years, which helped them bring their music to a larger audience. With guest appearances o­n American shows such as "Charmed" they have won over numerous new fans. Their Greatest Hits is a must have for all you loyal fans out there. It includes some of their chart toppers like the silly "If I Had A Million Dollars," the up-beat "Be My Yoko o­no" and "It's All Been Done." The remake of "Lovers In A Dangerous Time" is well done. Their more recent songs can be found o­n this CD as well. "Get In Line" and "Pinch Me" are amongst the hits you will enjoy listening to. A couple of Unplugged tunes as well. o­ne has to admit that it is rare to see bands that display goofiness and a sense of humor in their music. These guys make music fun. 

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