Barenaked Ladies

The great thing about a B.N.L. record is their consistency for quality. Their unbeatable combo of wry, tongue in cheek lyricism with toe-tapping tunes always manages to get the party started. o­n their fifth studio album, the class clowns of adult alternative rock continue to produce their signature brand of music which leads to grade A results. After the less than stellar sales of 2000's Maroon, the boys comment o­n fame with "Celebrity" and failure o­n the notable "Next Time". While the album is slightly less upbeat than their previous efforts, "Another Postcard" is reminiscent of their 1998 hit "One Week" due to guitarist/vocalist Ed Robertson's tongue twisting delivery. After fifteen years, BNL have become familiar with the pluses and minuses of fame and seek pleasure in informing their fans about the ironic world of the music industry. If you're worried that the zany, Canadian rockers are getting colder as they grow older, the head-nod worthy "Testing 1,2,3" and "Maybe Katie" prove that these exhibitionists haven't soured just yet. More naked than their other albums, the disc proves that "the Ladies" will continue to mean everything to admirers for years to come.

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