Barenaked Ladies

The Scarborough, o­ntario band Barenaked Ladies came to the Molson Centre o­n Thursday February 22 and performed in front of an excited and semi-packed house. They did not disappoint. Playing o­n a stage that looked like a painting by Spanish surrealist Joan Miro, the "Ladies" walked through a giant open mouth to start the show.  They immediately performed their new hit song Too Little Too Late which instantly exhibited the vocal talent of lead singer Steven Page and lead guitarist Ed Robertson.  Page and Robertson combined tremendous guitar playing with harmonious melodies to produce an extremely pleasing sound.  This was especially evident in songs like She and Pinch Me from their "Maroon" album. Keyboardist Kevin Hearn provided perhaps the most musically redeeming aspect of the show.  He played a beautiful piano introduction to the song Jane that is rare to hear from a mainly rock and roll band. Combine this piano intro with Page and Robertson's harmony and the ensuing music is fantastic. But the best part of a BNL concert is not the music.  The antics that these guys pull off are truly remarkable.  At the beginning of their set, the Ladies improvised a rap song about Montreal culture and the French language.  Robertson proved two things: First of all, he is really bad at French.  Secondly, he is an extremely funny guy.  He kept calling the Molson Centre "The Gillet Centre" in reference to the new owner of the Montreal Canadiens. In the middle of the song If I had a Million Dollars, Robertson stopped the entire show to continuously sing "there's a hair and beard combo that's exciting me in the room tonight." Sure enough, the cameras pointed to a funny looking man with a rather large afro (a la 1970s Shaft) with a big scraggly beard.  "If you turned that guy upside down, he'd look the same," joked Page.  Another funny moment came when the group performed a staple of all their concerts, the top 40 medley.  They combined songs like Miss Jackson, Madonna's Music and Britney Spears' Oops I Did it Again.  Throw in a some Beastie Boys and Eminem tunes with some outrageous dance moves and what you have is a bunch of grown men playing good music, making fools of themselves and genuinely enjoying the fame that they have.  In an era where N' Sync and Backstreet Boys reign/suck supreme a group like the Barenaked Ladies is a like a cold shower: a welcome alternative.  Chantal Kreviazuk opened the show with a 30 minute set.

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