BB King

Wearing matching taupe formal jackets, black trousers and shiny black shoes, B.B. King's incredibly polished band warmed up the crowd of over 4,000 in attendance, before the blues giant stepped o­nto the  stage. This eight piece Bourbon Blues ensemble (featured  a  four piece horn section, electric bass, guitar, keyboards and drums) has backed B.B. for several years. After a few short solos, the band grooved into a mellow rendition of "Summertime" (did the band have any idea of the outside temperature?).  No matter, the warm southern blues quickly made everyone a believer. Then from stage left B.B. King, wearing a silver glittery jacket and black slacks appeared. He sat down center stage, after the crowd's elation subsided; he performed seated throughout his two hour concert. King announced "now at 75 years old my band has told me to sit down if I want, and I want to, merci beaucoup."   "Let the Good Times Roll" was the first song King performed. Then the second song was interrupted by a short electrical power outage in which the amplification was muted.  King the constant showman announced to those close enough to hear him, "I thought California was the o­nly place that didn't pay their electricity bill",  then B.B. acknowledged, "I've been told that I've been coming here (Montreal) for over 25 years."
Midway through his set King announced a song in honour of the women in the audience.  "Lucille" his long-time companion and Gibson hollow body guitar gently began playing  the first couple of bars of  "You Are My Sunshine," King then joined in with his soulful bluesy voice; what a treat.  Other highlights included "The Thrill Is Gone,"  "Making Love is Good for You,"  "King Bee," and several other new and older songs.
Although, King at 75 years old has performed thousands of concerts in  88 different countries throughout the world, he still plays with the same enthusiasm as a young man, his  performances are packed with energy and enthusiasm. Last night's show at Montreal's Molson Centre was no exception. Young and old were treated to a magnificent performance.

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