Beauty and The Beas

Harry Potter is not the o­nly game in town.  All it takes is the return of Beauty and the Beast-this time to the IMAX screen for o­ne to realize that Disney reigns supreme in creating timeless family entertainment.  This is the second time we've seen this film and it's better than ever o­n the giant screen.  Plus, Disney has added a huge new musical number called "Human Again" which is as exciting to watch as the classic "Be Our Guest."  Clearly, the animators were influenced by 1940's movie musicals, and the lavish choreography and camera shots are thrilling.  Although there is much sophistication to the musical numbers, the numerous children at this evening show were absolutely spellbound because not a peep was heard during the course of the film.  As uplifting entertainment for the holiday season and for all time, this film really can't be beat! Okay, so it's not 3-D.  But it's near perfect.  The o­nly o­nes who will be immune to its charms are the oh-so tragically hip.

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