I'm torn,  with  a  touch  of  uncertainty  o­nce  again.   I  suppose  that's the case with countless other chart topping music and film releases these days. Some of Bette Midler's selections o­n  her  newest  release  Bette are grandiose and without compromise nevertheless other tunes don't have the same result. As is my policy I will o­nly give credence to the most engaging aspects of her  new  album.   Midler's voice is still as full and sundry   as   ever.    Her   commanding  vocal  range,   diversity  and   depth   are  uncanny.    The musical accompaniment  o­n  this disk is outstanding. The second track o­n the CD is a Latin flavoured number called "In These Shoes";  it's authentic  phrasings  and  fun  lyrics make it an enjoyable tune to listen to. The third track is Bette's remake of  Elvis Costello  and  Burt Bacharach's  ode to sorrow and salvation  "God  Give  Me Strength".  Midler's  steamy rendition of the classic "Just My Imagination " is soulful and a worthy remake of the  original.  There  are  several other notable songs o­n this sweet and sour release. Watch out for Midler's television  sitcom  slated  for  Wednesday  nights o­n CBS. Several songs from this album will be featured o­n her new show.

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