Big Bad Voodoo Daddy / Save My Soul

Jazz band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is back with the follow up to their 1999 release "This Beautiful Life." Their current album is entitled "Save My Soul" and features 10 tracks. Scotty Morris along with his numerous band musicians gets things off to an upbeat start with "Zig Zaggity Woop Woop Part 1." This track prepares the listener for what is about to follow. The following tracks such as "Always Gonna Get Ya" and "Next Week Sometime" are toe tappers. "You Know You Wrong" is very repetetive, therefore a bit annoying. "Simple Songs" has a bluesy feel to it. "Save My Soul" is a blend of jazz and blues. Interesting. "I Like It" is another upbeat tune that is a decent effort. This album has it's moments.

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