Bill Frisell

Bill  Frisell  returns with his eclectic mix of blues, country, rock, and gospel o­n his most recent solo creation Ghost Town.   Frisell  displays  his  talent  for any stringed instrument, playing electric and acoustic guitars, 6-string banjo,  loops,  and bass.    The prominent theme throughout Ghost Town is a mellow instrumental journal  through  Frisell's talents.  "Tell Your Ma, Tell Your Pa," the album's opening track, for example, is a banjo-immersed slow tune with a hint of the bayou accompanying it.   "Ghost Town/Poem for Eva,"  o­n the other hand, while being similarly  relaxed in its rhythms, emotes a far more heart-felt harmony.  The tracks o­n  this  album  showcase  Frisell's  talent  for  writing  captivating  rhythms  and putting t ogether textured instrumental harmonies.    Appearing in this summer's International Jazz Festival with his quartet, Bill Frisell continues  to  expand his already crowded musical repertoire.   This  album  certainly provides an enjoyable accompaniment to those lazy days  spent  relaxing  and  simply  contemplating  your  internal  and external surroundings.

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