Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton's first album is a reflection of an artist that has another voice, asides from acting. This CD takes us o­n a road trip to several different avenues, rest stops, lounges and vistas unvisited by other artists. Yes this disc is an "original." Billy Bob Thornton wrote ten out of the twelve compositions o­n Private Radio. Dark And Mad and Forever were written with the assistance and guidance of Marty Stuart and Angelina (a song about how Billy Bob met his wife Angelina Jolie) was created and performed with the help of Randy Scruggs. By personal favorite o­n this album is Starlight Lounge, (a collaboration with Dwight Yokum and Holly Lamar) a beautiful song sung as duet with Lamar and Billy Bob. The remaining songs feature collaborative efforts with Marty Stuart and Billy Bob. o­nly two non-original numbers appear o­n this disc, Lost Highway by Leon Payne and He Was A Friend Of Mine by Roger McGuinn (from The Byrds). This eclectic mixture of spoken word, country, rhythm and blues and rock will undoubtedly open your eyes to Billy Bob's extended creativity. This CD has received various accolades among them are: "These stories and these pictures will drive you right off the map and into the Southern Twilight Zone," Robbie Robertson. "Billy Bob is a great vocalist…this is an emotional piece of artistic work," Earl Scruggs. Private Radio bristles with the heat of a volcanic inner life. It's explosive, erotic and, ultimately, redemptive," Anthony Decurtis, Contributing Editor Rolling Stone. You decide for yourself.

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