Blondie / Greatest Hits

The punk/new wave group Blondie has been around for years and still manages to maintain a steady following of fans around the globe. Lead singer Debbie Harry began her music career with a folk rock group called "The Wind In The
Willows" and as fate would have it, Debbie and guitarist Chris Stein decided to form a new group with a few other musicians. Since the late 70's Blondie has been making hits that have gotten them much recognition. "Call Me" is one of their biggest hits. It was a cut featured on the soundtrack of "American Gigolo" and reached the top of the U.K and American charts. Blondie fans will be taken down memory lane with commercially successful tracks like the upbeat "One Way Or Another," "Heart Of Glass," and the groovy "The Tide Is High." Other notable tracks include "Atomic," "Picture This" and "Dreaming." A great collector's item for longtime fans.

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