Blood Work

The best thing about Clint Eastwood's latest film Blood Work, is of course, Clint Eastwood. At 73, the man is not about to retire, and his filmography boasts four decades of substantial acting, directing, writing, and producing. His credits are remarkable: he has starred in 44 films (appeared in 55), directed 23, and produced 18. He has been star, director, and producer 12 times (including Blood Work). Aside from winning hundreds of film awards, he's an avid golfer, the former mayor of Carmel, California (1986-1988) and was recently named as Commissioner to the California Board of Parks and Recreation. The grey power continues in Blood Work, a respectable crime thriller starring Eastwood as a seasoned FBI agent forced into retirement by a heart transplant, who, while still in recovery, feels compelled to help a stranger solve her sister's murder. Here, Eastwood plays his senior status: the spirit and flesh have been weakened and dulled by the ageing process, and the medical measures that accompany this. He chases the bad guys, but sputters and coughs all the way, reprimanded by his caring cardiologist (Anjelica Huston) who's afraid of a relapse. The supporting cast do their credible best, notably Jeff Daniels as the marina slacker and Paul Rodriguez as the bumbling Hispanic detective. Blood Work won't be ranked among Eastwood's best work, but it's got enough red-blooded crime story basics to keep an audience stable.

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