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Mexican pop sensation Paulina Rubio has got it all, the looks, the voice and a debut English album that cracked the top 20 Billboard. To top it all off she starred in movies and Spanish soap operas, following in the footsteps of her movie star mother Susana Dosamantes. Paulina's album "Border Girl" is all about her love of music and bringing cultures together. I had the opportunity to speak with this Latin diva about her music and her success. Read o­n to see what she had to say about it.

Q* Tell me about "Border Girl"
A- "Border Girl is all about different cultures. I grew up in Spain, Mexico and Los Angeles so I decided to put all these cultures into my music."

Q* Why did you choose to redo the hit song from Kiss "I Was Made For Loving You?"
A- "This song means a lot to me. I remember when I was ten years old, growing up with that song. A year ago my brother said I should put that song o­n my album. I did because I think life is made for love and the song describes this well."

Q* What was your experience like with the teen music group "Timbiriche?"
A- "I joined the group at a young age and stayed with them for about ten years. We were like Menudo except we were girls. They gave me my first opportunity and because of that I am here today."

Q* What inspires you?
A- "My inspiration is love and my message is very feminist. Girls are the power of the new millenium."

Q* How did you celebrate your 31st birthday?
A- "I was a giant double celebration. My album Border Girl was released at about the same time so we celebrated with Tequila and Mariachi."
Q* Are you into sports?
A- "Yes, I love sports. I like to ski and rollerskate. I also like motorcycles, parachuting and aqua-sports. I love action. Everyday I train with my personal trainer and have been doing so for many years."

Q* Do you plan to continue acting someday?
A- "Acting was like a hobby for me but music is my priority. I like to be myself and improvise. In acting you have to be someone else and wait hours for your call. You also have to memorize dialogue. It's not for me anymore."

Q* Do you have a boyfriend?
A- No I don't. I have many boyfriends (laughter). I am looking for a man who can talk about anything from philosophy to ice cream.

Q* What's next o­n your agenda?
A- I will continue my promotional tour and will be going to Miami tomorrow.


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