Breach of Trust

Breach of Trust is Marty Ballentyne o­n vocals/guitar, Colin Cheechoo o­n guitar/vocals, William Aubut o­n drums, and Zane Kryzanowsky o­n bass. Songs for Dying Nations, is an original album, from an original band, whose members with aboriginal roots from northern Saskatchewan are showing the masses a new hybrid of metal/alternative. This quartet's newest release, produced by Glen Robinson (Voivod, The Tea Party, Slaves o­n Dope) is a very diverse album. Styles range from an aggressive alternative, to clean choruses, to calm moments and melodic singing. Starting with the first track o­n this ten-track release, "Disease" is a song that showcases all the talents of the band in o­ne explosion of rhythm and vocals backed by groovy drumbeats. But, don't be fooled. Breach of Trust is a deep band with many surprises up their sleeves. Throughout this album is a vast array of different songs. It's surprising to hear such rich songs, described by Zane as "a New York vibe with kind of a Canadian poppy feel o­n top". An example of the diversity that is Breach of Trust is track number five, "An Offering". This song was written o­n the first day of touring in North Bay of '96. Marty secluded himself while the rest of the band was setting up. In a half hour, he approached the band with the song. They learned it that same day and played it o­n the first show of the tour. The song represents what it feels like to be lonesome for where you come from. Breach of Trust and Songs for Dying Nations is definitely not trendy, nor something to overlook. If you are a fan of alternative or metal alike, you will enjoy something or hopefully everything about this great record.

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