Bryan Adams DVD

Canada's own singer-songwriter, Bryan Adams has finally released a live acoustic DVD and there's no doubt that his fans will be delighted by this 15 track, 55-minute disc. Adams adapted his repertoire effortlessly to the acoustic milieu, despite his many hard edged tunes that might have been difficult to imagine as acoustic numbers prior to watching this performance. Adams introduces several diverse acoustic instruments and arrangements into his repertoire including mandolin, Irish pipes and whistles, along with a lofty a string orchestra consisting of Julliard music students, conducted by Michael Kamen.  A couple of solos from the young students will impress. I enjoyed several of the lesser known songs, that included diverse jams and some exciting guitar leads. The songs featured o­n this DVD include: "Summer of '69," " Cuts Like a Knife," " I'm Ready, Back to You," " Fits Ya Good," "When You Love Someone,"  "18 'Til I Die, I Think About You," " If You Wanna Be Bad – Ya Gotta Be Good," " Let's Make a Night to Remember," " Wanna Be Your Underwear," " A Little Love, Can't Stop This Thing We Started/It Ain't a Party…if You Can't Come," " Heaven, I'll Always Be Right Here." This live musical visit with Bryan Adams is enjoyable and takes a lot less effort than procuring tickets and driving down to your local arena.

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