Here is the latest earth-shattering Bush release! Since their self-titled debut album Bush-X, this rock band has kept coming back with several powerful recordings. The twelve tracks o­n "Golden State" are something Gavin Rossdale (Bush's singer and front man) described as: "a very naked record". At the start of the album, a simple guitar melody in "Solutions" leads the listener into a groovy but edgy rock track. The next two tracks, "Headful of Ghosts" and "The People That We Love" seems to sum up the album's sound, which will definitely please long-time Bush fans. Bush has remained faithful to their sound, with some creative growth of course. This CD simply rocks, from beginning to end, there is no disappointment in "Golden State." If by chance you are not a Bush fan, you probably will become o­ne by the time you finish listening to this CD, pick it up, and let your ears savor a new flavor of rock'n'roll.

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