Catch 22

My first reaction to this album was: awesome, I can finally hear the lyrics! Catch 22 are known for their unbelievably fast ska-core sound and unidentifiable lyrics. They've decided to slow down a bit o­n this album, but fear not: the intensity, skill and style are still present. "Dinosaur Sounds" is more reggae and funk than past material, but holds o­n to their trademark ska, punk, reggae and soul blend. The band consists of Ryan Eldred (Vocals/Saxophone),  Kevin Gunther (Trumpet/Vocals), Pat Calpin (Guitar), Pat Kays (Bass/Vocals), Ian McKenzie (Trombone) and Chris Greer (Drums). Each member adds a certain flavour to the band, giving Catch 22 their remarkably full, harmonious and diverse sound. Eldred's lyrics o­n this album speak of general bitterness towards the world: constant let downs, deception, and worldly chaos. There are many great, upbeat songs o­n this record, tunes that will make you want to dance. Standout songs are: "Rocky", "Wine Stained Lips" (music video o­n the way), "Dreams Of Venus", "Dripping Faucet," "Regression" and "Lamont's Lament," a wicked instrumental piece.

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