Chris de Burgh

When I listened to the first song of this CD I immediately began to worry that I was accidentally given an old eighties CD instead of a new, more recent o­ne to review. Chris de Burgh's latest CD is just oozing with that stereotypical eighties sound.. I don't dig the whole idea of recording eighties inspired stuff in the present; I mean, in the eighties it was cool because, musically we hadn't yet reached anything more cool, so it was acceptable, and I can even say that I appreciate some of the original eighties classics, but to try to keep it alive today is just wrong. I mean, as soon as you read the list of songs o­n this album you'll understand; with titles such as "If Beds Could Talk" and "There's Room in This Heart Tonight" you can o­nly imagine just how shmulsy de Burgh's latest album is.

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