Chris Difford

Chris Difford and Squeeze partner, Glenn Tilbrook, have both come out with solo productions but fans seem to favour Difford's intelligent lyrics and catchier melodies.  I was instantly reminded of Wainright's cabaret style; the witty lyrics well meshed with the melodies.  This album is a rather eclectic with almost naked revelations about who Difford really is.  Fortunately this looks to be a profitable show; songs like "Cowboys are My Weakness" has potential for future media productions and "Playing with Electric Trains" is just strangely interesting and enjoyable. 

This is a very relaxed album, not much rocking going o­n but very easy to listen to.  The first track, "Tight Rope", is more then justifiably catchy; it sets a precedent that the rest of the songs attempt to live up to.    "Lamas Fayre" is a story, both interesting and melodic.  "Parents" is wonderfully melodic and melancholy – perhaps Difford saved the best for the last.  All in all, there are enough high points to cover any of the slow times.

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