Claudia Acuna

Chilean native Claudia Acuna is back o­n the music scene with her second album entitled "Rhythm of Life." Acuna creates a fusion with her innovative jazz style and spices it up with latin vibes. "Life has different rhythms and everything changes every day. Music represents my life and this album represents a lot of my feelings and experiences." says the talented vocalist. Her deep and rich voice impresses o­n "My Romance." The jazzy backdrop blends with ease to the latin groove that accompanies it. "Ay Mariposa" & "Volver a los Diecisiete" are spanish tracks bringing forth Acuna's roots. Her voice truly does leave a lasting impression. She moves back and forth from english to spanish, and as you will see, she has mastered singing both languages very well, but there is just something extra that shows up in the latin tracks. That is where she shines most.

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