Cold Creek Manor / DVD Edition

Cold Creek Manor is a psychological thriller which tells the story of the Tilson family. Cooper (Dennis Quaid) and Leah (Sharon Stone) and their two children decide to move out of New York City for a more tranquil life in the country. After looking around they decide to buy Cold Creek Manor, a run down mansion that has been repossessed and needs lots of repairs. Unfortunately, the house came with more than they bargained for, namely Dale Massie (Stephen Dorff), its former owner who has been incarcerated for the past three years and lost the house because he couldn't make the payments. Dale comes back to his old house and asks the Tilsons for a job helping them with the restorations. The Tilsons reluctantly accept his offer and let him into their home. Dale, however, is not ready to give up his family's house. As a documentary maker, Cooper put his skills to work and found many clues which reveal some terrifying secrets about Dale and his family; secrets about violence, rage and family demons. These secrets become revealed when Dale's rage puts the Tilson family in danger. Great performances by the cast including Juliette Lewis as Dale's misguided girlfriend, Christopher Plummer as Dale's hospitalized father and Stephen Dorff as an enraged psychopath take a familiar and overused plot and make this a suspenseful drama.

Bonus Features:
-Cooper's Documentary
Studying the history of Cold Creek Manor through interviews with the director and examining
different scenes from the movie.
-Rules of the Genre
The psychology of the story in the thriller genre
Rules about the genre you have to obey
-Deleted Scenes and Alternate Ending
-Audio Commentary with director Mike Figgis

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