Colin James

Colin James' new album Traveler literally takes you o­n a journey. Produced by Mark Howard, he is also known for working with Lucinda Williams along with a mix of other studio musicians. Colin James' eighth album shines . The songs o­n this compact disc sound natural and simplistic with a pervasive air of sadness. James wrote the original compositions for the album with the help of friend Craig Northey, who also collaborated o­n James' previous album "Fuse."  "Make A Mistake" is a sweet Motown influenced tune that I enjoyed upon my first listen. Daryl Johnson (Emmylou Harris, The Neville Brothers), Victor Indrizzo (Depeche Mode) and Dean Butterworth (Ben Harper) backed James o­n this recording. The three remakes o­n Traveler include: "I'm Losing You" by Jonh Lennon, "Black Eyed Dog" by Nick Drake and "Rainy Day: Dream Away" by Jimi Hendrix.  Some of my favorite songs o­n this album include: "Skydiving" and "I Know What Love Is." Interestingly, "Know How To Love You," the last track o­n the CD was written by Colin while traveling from a Fort Lauderdale gig back home to Vancouver. Colin is indeed a traveler o­n this album. Pick up Traveler and check out o­ne of Colin James' most introspective and somber releases to date; it's James at his bluesiest.

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