Collateral Damage

This film was originally scheduled for release in October, but since it deals with some very similar subject matter to the September 11 terrorist attacks, they felt it best to wait a few months before releasing it. Schwarzenegger plays a fireman who witnesses his family being killed when a bomb is set off by Colombian militant terrorists in an American office-building. The U.S. Government and all of its resources are not capable of tracking down the terrorists, so Gordy Brewer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) takes matters into his own hands to seek revenge for the killing of his wife and son. 54 year old Schwarzenegger looks as good as ever and is famous for his action packed "one man against the world" movies with average story lines. This movie is no different from his usual films and features the usual o­ne liners that will keep you smiling throughout. There are also some scenes featuring very graphic violence. If youíve liked his previous movies and can put up with the holes in the script, then you will enjoy this movie very much.

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