Count Basie

The renown Count Basie remains o­ne of music's most accomplished artists and holds the tile of "the o­ne who defined Kansas City's big band jazz." During World War ll, Basie and Duke Ellington became the most successful African American bandleaders. After some time, Basie had to make adjustments to his group and went o­n to become a strong influence in modern jazz. This collection gathers up many classics from years gone by. "One O'clock Jump" has a mid tempo rhythm and gives the listener a taste of what is to follow. "Topsy" has some lively instrumentals, so does "Swingin' The Blues." Fans will enjoy "April In Paris" which includes musicians like Joe Newman (Trumpet) and Bill Graham (alto saxophone) who create a lovely medley of sounds. Other standouts include "Corner Pocket," "All Of Me" and "Broadway." A classic!!

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