Counting Crows

After "Mr. Jones" (off of August &Everything After) became o­ne of the most popular singles of 1994, listeners began to take notice of lead singer Adam Duritz and his band of hard working rockers. Since then, the "Crows" have become recognized for their devoted fans and the intimate concerts they perform. Over the past ten years, the group has garnered a great deal of success and rave reviews for their albums Recovering the Satellites, The Desert Life and their most recent release Hard Candy (as well as the aforementioned "August").  Off of these records have come countless hits including the torch song "Long December", the upbeat "Hanginaround", the Joni Mitchell cover "Big Yellow Taxi" and the recent single "American Girls". The 16 track CD also contains two brand new tunes entitled "She Don't Want Nobody Near" and the Grateful Dead's  "Friend of the Devil". The new tracks may not give songs like the classic "Round Here" a run for their money, though they are worth a few listens all the same. With absolutely no oversights that I can think of, Ghosts is a carefully arranged compilation that is for anybody but the birds.

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