Cowboy Junkies

Toronto's Cowboy Junkies' fifteen-year career has produced some of Canada's more memorable moody pop music moments. Open, is the band's first studio album in three years. As the group members enter mid-age they have created a wonderful collection of songs about the journey of life. "Open is an album about growing old and all the complexities that it entails: death, birth, faith, betrayal, love and hopefully, revelation," says the band. Open takes you o­n a journey, demonstrating the Cowboy Junkies' usual hypnotic edge and a psychedelic rocking alter ego. The fluid pace of this CD made for enjoyable listening from beginning to end. Some of my favorites include "Bread And Wine" with a groovy base line, "Thousand Year Prayer", the danceable "I'm So Open" and "Close My Eyes". The Cowboy Junkies are made up of three siblings, Michael Timmins (songwriter and guitarist), Margo Timmins (vocals), Peter Timmins (drums) and Alan Anton (bass). "Open" is definitely an album for not o­nly the hard-core Cowboy Junkies fan but for anyone interested in thoughtful well-written songs.

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