Cyndi Lauper

Remember the 80's era?? Teased hair, leg warmers, goomies and Cyndi Lauper. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was her anthem back then. She has resurfaced onto the music scene after a very long absence. Cyndi recently released a new album entitled "Shine." The title track is a cool pop rock tune. Her voice hasn't changed at all. "It's Hard To Be Me" is very different from her usual style of pop tunes. It's more edgier and is along the lines of alternative rock. Not bad. The title "Madonna Whore" is, well, you can judge for yourself. "Water's Edge" is a soft and mellow tune. If you enjoy the title track, you'll get the illicit mix version that ends of this unique listening experience. Fans will get a chance to see her at the upcoming Cher concert in Montreal, where she will be the opening act.

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