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interview with the dandy warhols2“Rock, the final frontier. These are the voyages of The Dandy Warhols. To lead strange new lives, to seek out new situations and to boldly go where no band has gone before…)” DW biography

If the impending seasonal change has brought you down and you’re tired of cheese ball pop, The Dandy Warhols may just be your  ticket to get you out of your miserable music rut. The band’s effervescent sound jumps right out at you and takes you o­n a pop induced psychedelic trip.The Dandy Warhols consist of members Courtney Taylor (vocal,guitar),Zia McCabe (keyboards), Peter Holmstrom (guitar) and Brent DeBoer (drums).We talked with Peter and Brent last week at the  Spectrum about their new album.

Orcasound: Tell me about your joint collaboration with Massive Attack, what can we expect?
Pete: “Hopefully we can complete what we already started. There is o­ne song that is complete and 3 that are half way there. We don’t really know when it will come out; your guess is as good as mine.”

Orcasound: o­n this tour you guys are performing for 3 hours nightly, what inspires this type of physical dedication to performing?
Brent:” It pretty much started because we were unable to find a band that we wanted to open for us and we have a lot of material. The first hour and a half, we get ready o­n stage and the second hour we just jam”
Orcasound: You recorded in different cities, what was that experience like?
Pete” It’s good because we get different aspects of work because we meet so many different people.”
Orcasound: Why did you choose to do a tribute to Kurt Vonnegut’s book of short stories, entitled “Welcome To The Monkey House?”
Pete “It was the actual phrase that made sense to us, because it’s a good description of everything we went through making this record with all the management companies, record producers and the world surrounding us. This CD could have been called This Is The Monkey House or We live in A Monkey House, but Welcome To The Monkey House sounds the best.”
Brent: “Well the title could have also been called “Breakfast Of Champions” but we started recording the album o­n September 11th.  Welcome To The Monkey House can also reflect the craziness surrounding
that day.”

Orcasound: What was it like opening up for David Bowie and can you share a couple of your most intriguing and interesting experiences with him o­n tour?
Pete:” David, first saw us at Glassenbury and we met him after that gig. We got along very well with him.  The way David was when he was doing sound check and his melt down was so incredible, you could see that he was enjoying himself. He was really inspiring.”
Brent: “I though it was pretty cool when we were in the studio talking about a legendary story and then he jumped into the conversation and stood up and talked about it as a jig and he kept o­n going and it was as if the story was coming straight from a book”

Orcasound: What inspired the design of your latest album?
Brent:” Rob English is a genius, a lot of people want him to do work for their albums, he is the o­ne who painted the cover, We had the idea and he said that he wanted to do the cover for us. He painted thousands of things and o­ne day Courtney called me and told me to come over to check out his work, it was beautiful what he did. He was supposed to do the cover of the album and a picture such as a logo, but finally the logo became the cover. If you look inside the little booklet inside the CD you can see a lot of pictures of us made by him.”

Orcasound: Welcome To The Monkey House went number o­ne o­n College radio; will the next album follow in the same direction?
Pete: “Well not really, the next album will be another departure. We don’t feel any pressure to record new material. The o­nly pressure you can have is from Courtney or your proper self, the basic is to have fun when you record and not o­nly take the safe way out. The ideas are always coming and we even have o­ne song that wasn’t finished for this record.”

Orcasound: What new projects can we anticipate from the band in the near future? Pete: “Probably a live album, because when we are performing o­n stage it’s completely different then the record itself


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