Dave Holland Quintet

Dave Holland is to the world of jazz what Michael Jackson is to pop music (minus the scandals). Emerging in the late sixties to be labeled o­ne of the most talented bassists to ever step into a recording studio, Holland has played with the who's who of jazz music throughout the years. In fact, he is the who's who of jazz music! Jamming alongside his good friend Miles Davis, Holland caught the general public's attention, helping to make instrumental jam sessions hipper than they had ever been. More than thirty-five years after he first got his big break, the musical god is stepping out of the studio and o­nto the stage for this live showcase. Holland, alongside Robin Eubanks o­n trombone, Chris Potter o­n saxophone, Steve Nilson o­n marimba and Billy Kilson o­n drums, play to their hearts' content o­n this two disc set of contemporary tunes (each clocking in around fifteen minutes long). With tunes like the opening track "The Balance", the up-beat "Jugglers Parade" and "Bedouin Trail" it is undeniable that the quintet's thirty year track record has paid off immensely. If you're already an appreciator of sax solos and bouncing bass riffs, this is the album for you. If you're not a fan, get ready to become o­ne.

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