David Charvet

The handsome David Charvet is best known for his role in the acclaimed television series "Melrose Place." Would you believe Charvet decided to leave behind the Hollywood lifestyle that many aspiring actors dream about? Fame, fortune and movie deals all tossed aside o­n a whim for a shot at a career in music. Call it foolish or maybe call it taking "A Leap of Faith" and following your heart to what will truly bring you happiness. "I was acting based o­n other people's scripts and working under other people's creative direction. Nothing I did was really me." says Charvet. "If I have to leave this planet tomorrow, I'm leaving behind something that was really me." This French American is obviously referring to his current album which was produced by Olle Romo (credited for Shania Twain's album and o­ne of Bryan Adams). The album consists of mostly English tracks with a few French o­nes. The French tunes are nothing special and Charvet has a very noticeable accent. Notable English tracks include the romantic tune "It's Alright," "If I Don't Tell You Soon," "All I Want Is You" and the title track.


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