David Grisman & Sam Bush

It's always a treat to receive the latest releases from Acoustic Disc. The first thing I do when we receive a new sampling from the kind folks working in San Rafael is place the CD into the compact disc player and press the repeat button. Our staff is then treated to hours of sonically masterful sounds that fill our day.  David Grisman's collaborative effort with his close friend Sam Bush is superlative. Internationally renowned mandolin players Bush and Grisman each process their unique inflections yet together they combine both of their gifts into a cohesive "one." Grisman and Bush are joined in the studio by guitarists  Enrique Coria, Jack Lawrence, Dimitri Vandellos, Jim Nunally and sitting in o­n bass is David Grisman's son Sam Grisman and Jim Kerwin.  The legendary Hal Blaine rounds out the unit o­n drums. This 16 track instrumental acoustic masterpiece includes 11 completely new compositions. Some of the remaining covers include: Hayes' "Hold o­n I'm Comin'," Byrne's "'Cept Old Bill" and the traditional "Old Time Medley." I especially enjoyed Sam and David's "The Old South" and their ode to the legendary John Hartford, "Hartford's Real." This album is filled with over 70 minutes of joyous music that is guaranteed to make your ears smile. Hold o­n, We're Strummin' will be available in sores o­n November 23rd, 2003.  You can also order the CD o­nline from www.acousticdisc.com.

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