David Usher

There are two words to describe the sound and feel of Morning Orbit. Just that. Morning Orbit… David Usher has a certain "Je ne sais quoi", be it in his vocals, or in his guitar playing that puts you in a relaxed state, with an equal amount of energy mixed in just right. It is there, and it separates him from other artists because of this. At the beginning of the album, "How Are You" has a type of "waking up" feel and it brings you through song after song of happy feeling, mellow sounding beats and melodies. David Usher's voice is very compelling and grabs your ears, and doesn't let your attention slip. Combined with the exquisite styling of Julia Galios o­n "Black Black Heart", this song is o­ne of the sweetest o­n the record. The current single Alone in The Universe has made significant noise, scoring Usher an "Artiste du Mois" spot o­n Montreal's Musiqueplus. It is quite easy to see what made this song so popular. The guitar effects in the beginning of the song just sway with the lyrics as it leads into a powerful chorus with a great sounding hook. Throughout the eleven songs o­n the album, there are the few tracks that break slightly away from the theme to give the listener a break, and treat their ears to something a little different. In the case of "Joy In Small Places", there is a great energetic groove that sweeps you away to another state of mind. Snow's contribution to this song adds to its funkiness. This member of Moist has struck a chord with his solo efforts. This is a great record for anyone wanting to take a journey somewhere unknown but pleasant. Morning Orbit is a treat to be enjoyed by everyone.

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