David Usher / Hallucinations

Montreal based musician & lead singer of Moist is already up to his third solo album. After a successful run with "Morning Orbit," David Usher returns with the follow up entitled "Hallucinations." The singer/ songwriter does a lot of writing while on tour with his multi platinum band and put together twelve tracks plus a bonus CD which is inlcuded in the package. The self -titled track is lyrically dark and has a cool musical backdrop. "Numb" also displays lyrics of despair. Not too engaging as a song in general though. "Time Of Our Lives" is the debut release from this album. Lyrics continue on a more dark side "I Once saw a man on fire, just staring out his window, watching as the flames grew on higher and higher, I thought I saw him cry or was he only laughing." The musical backdrop is somewhat of a jazzy pop. A pleasant listen. Moist fans will notice that David's solo work has been and still is more experimental than his songs with the band. This album is a good effort but the sentiment is more serious and emotionally feels a bit heavy. Check him out live in concert at Club Soda later on in the month of October 2003.

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