Originally known as The Fallout, the rock group Default recently released their debut album o­n the Universal label. Winners of the Vancouver Seeds 2000 talent search, they are now ready to share their music with the world. Default came together in the summer of 1999 when 22 year-old drummer Danny Craig decided to form a band with guitarist Jeremy Hora. Lead singer and childhood friend Dallas Smith impressed the guys with his amazing vocal talent and was selected amongst the many who auditioned. The eldest of the group, 27 year-old bass player Dave Benedict completed the group. The following year, Default won the Vancouver Seeds talent search, which got them instant recognition. Their single "Deny" got massive airplay, which eventually landed them a record deal with Universal Music.23 year-old Dallas describes their music as being a mix of pop, rock and heavy blues. "We all have different musical tastes so we bring them together to form our sound" says Danny. Dallas, who's known as the prankster of the group, writes all the songs with Jeremy while the determined Danny composes the music with Dave. When asked about the topics that inspire their lyrics, Dallas gets pensive for a moment. "We all had pretty normal childhood so it's not like we have major issues to sing about. We write about things like girls and relationships gone wrong. We can relate to that and we know the listeners can too." Danny mentions that their musical inspirations include Robert Plant, Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction. With their debut single "Wasting my time" released along with a music video, Default is busy touring to promote their album. Their lives have changed considerably this past year. "It's funny. People who didn't talk to us before are all of sudden acting like they are our best friends" says Danny. Dallas adds that if it weren't for the support of their families, the group would have never gotten this far. "They help us stay grounded and give us great advice." What can we expect from them in the upcoming months? Danny laughs and says that he hopes we see them so much to the point that we get sick of them.

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