Denzal Sinclaire

Watch out;  i found love;  finally,  Denzal Sinclaire's  newest  musical creation.   This finely textured tour deforce  features  compositions  by  the Beatles,  Roberta Flack and Burt Bacharach.  Rediscover classic Beatles songs,  including  "Blackbird,  Eleanor Rigby"  and  "The Fool o­n The Hill".   Most  worthy  of  mention  are Sinclair's  four  original  compositions;  the title track, "I found love", chugs along like a freight train driving through the mist,  it continually reinvents  itself  and invites us along to embrace what lies  ahead.  Sinclaire welcomes  us in o­n the disc's first track,  "A Lovely Way  To Spend An Evening".   He introduces us  to what will become  a  thoroughly  enjoyable musical  journey.   This sonically  accurate recording makes you  feel good,  Sinclair is tuned in,  his  smooth  vocal  intonations  and  keyboard forays are pure bliss.   Adding to Sinclaire's melodic synergy is long time collaborator,  guitarist Bill Coon,  with Darren Radtke o­n bass, Dave Robbins o­n drums and Campbell Ryga o­n saxophones; they blend together to form a harmonious collection of musicians able to do no wrong.  Sinclaire wraps up his repertoire  of songs with  the very appropriate "A Wonderful Time".  Sinclaire sings with sincerity and conviction: "Well it's late, I must be going, but before I go  I'd  like  you  to know,  I've  had a wonderful time."  So have I.   If you're into Sinatra,  Coltrane,  Sara Vaughan or Chet Baker you are bound to enjoy this very special recording.

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