De Phazz

"Daily Lama" is the fourth album for De Phazz.  This German ensemble produces a most pleasant groove.  With diverse overtones including: cocktail/lounge grooves combining dub, disco, soul, jazz, electronica with African and South American soul and a touch of Dancehall vibes.  "Daily Lama" is the band's follow up album to their 2001's critically endorsed, "Death By Chocolate." De Phazz emphasizes style and are certainly "in."  The band's velvety sound is reminiscent of Morcheeba's electronic essence with a noticeable difference however and minus the scratches.  This new ear pleasing album should prove to be at least as successful as their previous effort.  I must confess that I loved this album right away, I didn't need to listen to it twice for confirmation, but I wanted to. De Phazz consists of 12 musicians / performers. 20 gorgeous tracks smoothly unfold into each other, it is impossible and unnecessary to pin point any particular track because this album is a piece of art from beginning to end.

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