Since it's screening at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, Sanjay Leela Bhansali's remake of the classic Indian film "Devdas" has been receiving much deserved recognition for it's superstar "Bollywood" cast and splendid cinematography. The story's first scene has Kaushalya (Smita Jayakar) anxiously awaiting the arrival of her son Devdas Mukherjee (Sharukh Khan), who is returning home after 10 years spent in London. He also reunites with his childhood friend Paro, played by the stunning Aishwarya Rai. While their interaction is overdramatic at times, if not somewhat unrealistic, it still manages to hold the audience's attention. Devdas and Paro make plans to get married and issues of status and fortune are brought to the forefront. The beautiful Chandramukhi played by Madhuri Dixit enters the scenario and the three individuals become victims or circumstance. Love is really all the three characters are longing for. There is such a tragic sentiment to this movie and the plot leaves you with an empty feeling. Bhansali has succeeded beyond a doubt in putting together a film that truly does stand out in many ways, as did his previous works such as "Khamoshi". The imagery is breathtaking and viewers will be enchanted with the grandeur and luxury of the settings where this film unfolds. The costumes are magnificent and the Indian dance sequences will leave you spellbound. Sharukh, Aishwarya and Madhuri all give excellent performances and just for that, the movie is worth checking out.


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