Digital Underground / Play Whutchalike (Best of D.U.)

Old school hip hop group Digital Underground offers up their best tracks from days gone by. The Oakland based group has been rockin' the mic since the late 1980's and have gained the reputation of lacing their music with fun & humor. The album kicks off with "Same Song" which is a blend of hip hop with a sprinkle of blues instrumentation. "Underwater Rimes" is lyrically odd but the beat is catchy. One of their biggest commercial hits is entitled "The Humpty Dance." The lyrics are a bit off the wall but the sound is infectious. "Freaks of The Industry" and "Packet Man" are lame. "Heartbeat props" has a cool vibe. Other notable tracks are "Kiss You Back," "Wussup Wit The Luv" and check out the Eastern instrumentation on "We Got More." This album has it's moments.

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