Disturbing Peace

I recently went to see the band Disturbing Peace, which was part of the recent Mosh Core 2001 Festival at Club Soda. The band consists of: Angelo R. -Vocals/guitar, Kenny S. – Drums, Peter D. – Bass guitar, Cederic L. – Guitar.Some of the songs which the band played during their 45 minute (or so) setincluded "Mah Bro", "Sane", "Shine By You", and "Profane." The band seemed tosuit their name just fine; they were loud, aggressive, intense and true totheir punk rock image! The lead singer, Angelo, displayed a very impressive high range and an incredible ability to unleash "primal" screams from time totime; all this without losing his voice! His voice reminded me of a crossbetween David Usher (Moist), and maybe the guy from "Serial Joe", but with abit more "balls!"  Angelo broke into a couple of pretty awesome raps as well,showing the band's "Rage against the Machine" influences. Many of the songshad some very unconventional guitar solos by Cederic which were quite cool,and innovative. The bass player, Peter D.'s playing was understated, andtasteful, which is all you can ask from a hard rock/alternative/metal/punkband bass player. The drummer, Kenny S., was also very impressive, evenpulling out a couple of very fast fills, and never losing his rhythm, whichput a smile o­n my face.  In the world of Alternative/Punk/Metal Rock, (which Ibelieve is the best way to "classify" this band.) loud, aggressive, andintense, is the name of the game.  All in all, Disturbing Peace demonstrated they are an up and coming band that may very well make some serious noise inthe Montreal Music scene in the near future. I would recommend that people goand catch them at some of their upcoming shows. The band does have an album,"Back o­n the Brink," available directly through the band. You can check outthe bandâs web site at: www.disturbingpeace.cjb.net

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