DJ Dara

New York-based, Irish-born drum n' bass/jungle god DJ Dara gives us "Further", his follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Future Perfect". "Further" is a collection of remixes by the newly shorn Dara. He's remixedtracks by Total Science, DJ Ink, Rascal & Klone, and close to a dozen others. "Curtains" by DJ SS is a great chill-out tune, despite its hoppy beats. Dom & Keaton's "Twisted City" is destined for car commercial or movie soundtrack-land, since it's all-purpose, novel, and quirky all at o­nce; and "Desert Planet" by Agent Babylon is a chirpy number with some of the fastest beats you have ever heard. Of the two Universal Project tracks o­n the album, "Jackhammer" is by far the best. It has some bottom-heavy electronic sounds right up front and the sampled sounds are kept in the background. All this over some ultra-fast beats. "Even When It Rains" by Sonic is another great track. It's full of textures that sparkle and shift, and the beats don't overwhelm the depth of the song. Rascal & Klone's "Galactic Jam" is very much video-game music, and not all that interesting, while "Armed & Dangerous" by Specimen A could survive as a hockey game anthem, what with its early 90s dance music styling. The last two tracks o­n the disc are not to be ignored. "5 Times In o­ne Night" by John B includes the most wonderful falsetto this side of Jimmy Somerville. (It would really blow you away in a club), and "Global Love" by Hi Contrast is truly beautiful, combining cool jazz instruments (trumpet and cymbals) with Afro-Latin vocals. While there is a bit of filler o­n this disc, to hear the magnitude of DJ Dara's talents, and what drum n' bass has to offer these days, pick this o­ne up.


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